It’s tempting to only think on the face when it comes to skincare and neglect the rest of the body. During the colder months, when most of your body is covered up and only your face is on view, it makes perfect sense to focus your efforts there.

Even while your body’s skin is thicker and more resistant to damage and regular wear and tear than your face’s, it still requires care and attention. You can make your body care routine as simple or as involved as you choose. You can opt for a quick one- or two-step routine or treat yourself to a luxurious 10-step routine that focuses on your skin.

Scrubbing is fun, so have fun with it!

When you focus on keeping your face clean with physical scrubs and chemical acids to remove dirt, dust, perspiration, and years, it’s easy to forget about the rest of your body. Chicken skin, or keratosis piliae, is a common skin condition that can cause pain and a rash-like appearance. Excess keratin protein appears as tiny, white or flesh-colored pimples on the skin, most commonly on the forearms and thighs. Acid-based lotions or exfoliators are necessary for removing them, as they cannot be removed with regular exfoliation. Choose a lotion containing lactic acid, such as AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Cream, to clear pores and hair follicles, resulting in smooth, even skin.

Check this body oil for your routine.


While most commercial body washes rely on harsh detergents, a fantastic clean recipe like the one offered by Bathing Culture can clean while being kind on the skin thanks to the inclusion of saponified coconut and sunflower oils, shea butter, and aloe. The magnificent lather is addicting, the rainbow glass bottle is refillable, and it smells like a foggy grove of redwoods. (It’s also the cheeriest, most upbeat present you can give someone for the holidays.)

Avoid hars chemicals and try this one instead.


Putting on moisturizer after a shower is a ritual many of us look forward to. Time seems to stand still as you massage your body with the luxurious GOOPGENES body butter: The combination of caviar lime, jojoba, and mulberry leaf, among other intensely nourishing botanicals, provides results comparable to those of a high-tech face cream; 93% of study participants agreed their skin felt significantly more elastic, nourished, replenished, supple, smooth, and radiant after using the product.

Great therapy oil for your routine.

To nourish and plump skin, this body oil mixes rose hip and red ginseng oils; it has an earthy, invigorating scent; and it will quickly become one of your favorite parts of the day.

The most important part of a body care routine is sticking to it consistently, once you’ve decided what to do. At the very least, you should have a daily routine that you stick to religiously, and another that you follow once or twice a week that includes special treatments like exfoliants and masks. Your body will soon look better than it ever has if you also work on improving your diet and including more physical activity into your routine.

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