The transparent liquid known as “vegetable glycerin,” usually referred to as “glycerol” or “glycerine,” is frequently produced from soybean, coconut, or palm oils.

It has no smell, a little sweetness to the flavor, and a consistency similar to syrup.

Despite having many other applications, vegetable glycerin is especially well-liked in the cosmetics sector. Additionally, it could provide health advantages including greater hydration, stronger digestion, and skin health.

The applications, advantages, and negative consequences of vegetable glycerin are covered in this article.

What Is Vegetable Glycerin?

A sugar alcohol with no odor or color, glycerin is transparent. Vegetable glycerin is just the kind that originates from plants, but that it may also be obtained from petroleum, plants, or animal sources. Vegetable glycerin is more prevalent, according to Greenfield, who adds that it often occurs in anti-aging treatments, moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners, even though the majority of ingredient labels won’t indicate the kind of glycerin used.
However, look for items marked as vegan if you’re a vegan and/or want to certain you’re receiving the plant-based kind. Even so, there actually isn’t a distinction between the categories.

How to Add Glycerine to Your Skincare Routine?

Glycerine is fairly simple to include into your skincare regimen. In fact, given that it’s in so many things, you could already be using it. Check the ingredients of your favorite lotions and creams to be sure glycerine is there so you may take advantage of its excellent moisturizing capacity. If you’re just starting out, search for premium, all-natural products that contain glycerine among their components.

Glycerine may be used in many facets of skin care. You might, for instance:

  • Apply a glycerine facial cleanser on your face.
  • After showering, hydrate skin with glycerin.
  • Weekly glycerine facial mask application

There are many methods to employ glycerine in the manufacturing process to produce ultra-soothing skin care products you and your customers will adore if you want to develop your own skin care products for yourself or your clients. Here are nine suggestions and instructions for creating all-natural glycerine skin care products that you can include into your daily regimen for beautiful skin all year long.

Skin Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a humectant, which means that it draws water into the skin and keeps it there. This is fantastic for enhancing the function of the skin’s protective barrier and skin health in general. Actually, it draws moisture from both the air and your skin, assisting in two separate ways to increase hydration levels. Additionally, it gives the skin a dewy, supple texture that makes it seem plump and healthy.

What makes it unique from other humectants like hyaluronic acid, the second most popular one? It all boils down to their unique chemical compositions. The ingredient’s ability to draw and retain large numbers of water molecules ultimately depends on its chemical composition, which also affects how well it moisturizes skin. A few water molecules may be held onto by glycerin at a time, and since glycerin is very adhesive to itself, the water molecules don’t evaporate off the skin.

Side Effects

Really, there aren’t that many to mention. Any ingredient can cause an allergy, of course, but side effects are extremely uncommon. Most people tolerate it very well, even those with sensitive skin.

Can vegetable glycerin cause pore clog?

Given that it is one of the least comedogenic ingredients in skincare products, vegetable glycerin is very unlikely to clog pores or result in any kind of breakouts.

Product Recommendation:

Raw + Rare Vegetable Glycerin

Even on its own, glycerin may be used as a moisturizer if you want to go right to the source. As with other moisturizers, just use it as the last step of your routine. Vegetable glycerin from Raw + Rare comes in a 32-ounce container, so it will keep longer than creams in smaller jars. Just consider the cost-per-use on this man as it’s less than $20.

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