Although it’s where you recharge, wash off your exercise, and relax after a hard day, many individuals are unaware of the proper showering techniques. In actuality, there is much more to your shower regimen than just “wash and rinse.” Try the following steps from the dermatologist-recommended body care routine for radiant skin.

1. Apply a dry brush before shower

Start your body care routine at the bottom of each body part and work your way up to your heart while using a natural-bristle brush. Use two to three lengthy strokes over each region to prevent irritation. Don’t push too hard, just as with any other kind of exfoliation: Always strive for a light touch to prevent irritation.

Consider include dry brushing in your shower skin care regimen 1-2 times per week if you have regular skin. For those with delicate skin, a silk Turkish “kese mitt” is a more mild choice.

2.Brush your hair

In order to prevent more tangling while your hair is wet, give it a thorough combing before you wet it. The greatest vent brushes are made of plastic since they contain many bristles. Always comb through any knots in your hair before getting in the shower by beginning at the bottom and working your way up. Brush it out one more carefully after your shower.

3.Remove Your Makeup

Without suggesting that you take off your makeup before entering the shower, our list of shower advice would be lacking. You don’t want to exit with “raccoon eyes,” at any costs.

4. Lower the temperature

Fans of scalding water, we have some exciting news for you: Your skin’s natural oils are removed by hot water temperatures, which may result in drier, flakier skin. If you struggle with dry skin in the winter or have dermatological problems, this is particularly concerning. The best option is lukewarm water.

Most doctors advise keeping your shower’s temperature below 105 degrees. But keep an eye out for flushing or redness on your skin since it may be difficult to gauge shower temperatures (which indicates that your water is too hot).

Pro tip: Start your shower with hot water if lukewarm water makes you uncomfortable. Work your way down the temperature scale gradually (from hotter to cooler).

5.Use Shampoo Properly

Correct shampooing eliminates oil accumulated from hair products and pores as well as oil accumulation. Using your hands to create lather, apply shampoo to your scalp along the roots using a quantity equal to one quarter. Pay special care to the area around your neck and behind your ears. You should scrub for between 30 and 60 seconds, depending on the length of your hair, before washing.

6. Use Cool Water to Rinse

Sealing your hair’s cuticles with cold water is good and encourages bouncy, lustrous hair. If you find it difficult to withstand a sudden drop in temperature, reduce it gradually until you can tolerate it.

7. Don’t scrub too much

Exfoliating has several advantages, including eliminating old skin cells and encouraging the development of new ones. It’s vital to not overuse it, even if it’s healthy for your skin. Exfoliating should only be done once or twice a week to avoid irritation. Exfoliating may be done by shaving, so avoid using body scrubs too vigorously on the legs.

8. Wash your face last

The best option, according to experts, may be to wash your face after getting out of the shower. First of all, since shaving or hair products, such as shower gel or body wash, might still stay on your face and irritate you. They raise the pH and cause dry skin by foaming up the oil on your skin and rinsing it away.

Second, the pores on your face would be open after a hot, steamy shower, allowing the cleanser to penetrate deeply into your skin and remove the sebum that causes acne. Splash cold water on your face to shut the pores afterward since open pores might let germs in. With this shower regimen for smooth skin, you can’t go wrong.

8. Shave

At the conclusion of your shower, grab the razor. Your body hair will have had enough time to soften by that point. We suggest using a natural shaving solution that produces copious amounts of lather while hydrating skin.

9. Apply lotion right away

Even if you are still moist, immediately apply lotion. This helps to effectively hydrate the skin by securing the water there. Fresh after the shower, your skin is the ideal surface for a heavy moisturizer, allowing you to get the most from the product.

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