The first step in our self-care routine is usually to have a strict skin care regimen, but when it comes to our body care, we may sometimes get a bit lazy.

But that’s over.

Our skin doesn’t stop at the neck, therefore it makes no sense to focus all of our attention on maintaining the skin on our face while allowing the skin on the other 80% of our body to fend for itself.

We’ll improve. We’ll work harder. A good 7-step body care routine where it all begins.

It’s time to establish a skin care regimen for your body if you’re just accustomed to using bar soap sometimes and applying lotion on occasion. Unsure about how? A fundamental body care regimen has been broken down into five easy stages, and we’re offering all the information you need right now.

STEP 1: Cleanse

You probably already know this first step if you follow a regular skin care regimen for your face. The greatest approach to get things started, regardless of whatever portion of your body you’re working with, is by becoming thoroughly clean. Use a cleanser made exclusively for cleaning your body while washing your body instead of relying on your face wash. A soft body cleanser that won’t aggravate or dry up your skin is what you should seek for. Use a loofah, washcloth, or simply your hands to lather up. Be sure to rinse off completely before continuing.

STEP 2: Exfoliate

Using face scrubs for exfoliation might be challenging. In order to prevent irritation, you don’t want to scrub your skin too vigorously, but you do need to do it often enough so that the buildup of dead skin cells doesn’t make your skin seem dull. Even worse, various frequencies of exfoliation are tolerated by different types of skin. However, it is a subject for another day! The skin on your body, thankfully, responds well to exfoliation. You don’t need to be as cautious about overscrubbing since your body is usually harder than your face.

Add a sugar scrub to your shower regimen and gently scrub the scrub onto your skin to exfoliate your body two or three times a week. Focus on your elbows, knees, and heels in particular since these areas are more prone to develop rough spots that need further exfoliation.

STEP 3: Shave

It isn’t completely failsafe, even if you’ve been shaving for more than half your life. There are quite a number of errors you might be doing in this step of your body care routine. Spend some time in the shower before you begin to shave properly. Your skin will become softer and more receptive to the razor thanks to the water. When the moment comes to grab the razor, go slowly. Apply shaving lotion to your skin and gently cut with the grain as opposed to against it with the razor.

STEP 4: Moisturize

One thing all of these procedures have in common is that you should moisturize after cleansing, exfoliating, and shaving. It’s perfect to moisturise your skin when it’s still damp from your shower activities. Before putting on clothing, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to your whole body, rubbing it in from your neck to your toes.

Our Favorite Body Skin Care Products

1.CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

We choose lightweight, quickly absorbing products that don’t skimp on refilling skin with long-lasting moisture when it comes to moisturizing it after a shower. Because of its lightweight hydrators like hyaluronic acid and skin barrier-strengthening ceramides in its recipe, CeraVe Daily Moisturising Lotion checks all of these boxes and relieves skin from dryness and dehydration for up to 24 hours after use.

2. True Botanicals Pure Radiance Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub 

Exfoliation is beneficial for your skin when done in moderation; just be careful not to overdo it or you risk damage the moisture barrier or your skin’s outermost layer. Exfoliate your skin using True Botanicals Pure Radiance Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub if you want to be safe.

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