A particularly distressing ailment to have is acne. Previously, acne was thought to be a “teenager’s problem,” but now we know otherwise! Women and men of different ages and stages of life may suffer from acne. Colloidal silver has a long and well-established history of usage for a range of health problems, including but not limited to skin diseases. It is not a novel treatment. Find out the benefits of colloidal silver and how to use colloidal silver in a number of methods to cure acne!

What is Colloidal Silver?

Hippocrates, generally regarded as the founder of medicine, employed colloidal silver topically for the treatment of wounds hundreds of years ago. Historically, the substance served as a natural preservative, antibacterial, and therapeutic agent.

Colloidal silver is a phrase used to describe silver flakes of different sizes that are suspended in demineralized or other aqueous solutions and spread out across a wider surface area. It is made by passing a current via a silver electrode submerged in water. By doing so, the silver is taken out of the wand and dissolved into the solution. How precisely does the antibacterial action operate then? It is believed that silver nanoparticles bind to proteins on bacterial cell walls in order to enter the cell, disrupt the metabolic process, and kill the bacteria. Colloidal silver aids in preventing bacterial growth, one of acne’s main causes, in this manner.

What Health Benefits Does Colloidal Silver Have?

Natural anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and anti-septic agents include colloidal silver.

This indicates that colloidal silver has inherent qualities that make it resistant to the effects and spread of bacteria, fungus, viruses, and other irritants. So that the skin can recover, it helps to maintain it hygienic and clean.

In addition, colloidal silver has many benefits as a natural anti-inflammatory that may actively combat infection and existing inflammation.

How Can Colloidal Silver Help with Acne?

Before the development of current antibiotics, colloidal silver was the treatment of choice for many medical professionals.

Today, colloidal silver is making a resurgence as a therapy option for a number of medical conditions as more individuals develop resistance to contemporary antibiotics.

Colloidal silver boosts the body’s natural capacity to recover in three separate ways. First, colloidal silver may increase the amount of oxygen molecules that fight infections and help the body break down bacterial and viral debris.

Colloidal silver has many benefits to combat germs by adhering directly to cell membranes and assisting the body in fending off intruders. Last but not least, colloidal silver may stop bacteria’s DNA from unwinding and doing damage to the body.

Thus, the bacteria and/or fungi that are causing your skin to become irritated, inflamed, and create acne may be directly combated by colloidal silver.

How Can I Treat Acne With Colloidal Silver?

Understanding how to utilize colloidal silver to cure acne on your skin is crucial. It won’t take you very long or very far to locate accounts of individuals whose skin went blue as a result of using colloidal silver incorrectly!

However, you won’t have to be concerned about this unusual side effect if you use pure colloidal silver to treat skin acne effectively. Just as with any cures, getting the desired effects simply requires understanding what to do and what not to do.

Colloidal silver has benefits to cure acne. Use only pure colloidal silver; avoid using ionic silver or silver protein.

Unless your doctor or a holistic health care provider instructs you differently, always adhere to the manufacturer’s usage and dosage recommendations. Use the lowest dosage possible to begin with and monitor your skin’s response. Doing a patch test beforehand to see how your skin reacts is also a good idea.

Try your best to avoid using cosmetics or other possibly pore-clogging personal care items when you start using colloidal silver to cure acne. This will increase the effectiveness of colloidal silver.

You will discover some of the most typical methods for using colloidal silver to treat acne in this section. More than one cure may be used simultaneously. For instance, you could wish to use internal colloidal silver together with pure colloidal silver placed directly on blemish areas, and then keep a colloidal silver mist in your purse to apply when your skin becomes too greasy or dry.

Additionally, you may want to add some colloidal silver to your everyday skin care routine. For instance, you may use a colloidal silver soap and a colloidal silver skin rinse in lieu of your regular skin cleanser. Then, to aid in the healing of your skin, use colloidal silver gel, ointment, or cream.

To give your body and skin time to acclimatize, it’s wise to start any new skincare program cautiously. For the first day or two, you may use just pure colloidal silver dabbed on the imperfections; afterwards, you might add oral colloidal silver and colloidal silver mist.

Apply some directly to the spot.

Applying a little amount of pure colloidal silver directly to the pimple is the most popular method for using the substance to treat skin acne. This may be done once or twice daily. If you do it twice daily, be sure you perform it in the morning and at night.

Internally consume some liquid colloidal silver

You may use colloidal silver as an extra kind of treatment for acne by ingesting up to one eyedropper’s worth of it each day. Instead of being used alone, this should be used with topical colloidal silver therapy.

Use a spray of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is available in liquid form and is simple to apply as a mist. This has the advantage of making it simpler to treat difficult-to-reach neck or back locations. Simply add a little to a spray bottle, then mist the afflicted region with the colloidal silver.

The silver will rid the skin of bacteria and fungal debris that may be attacking the skin in regions that still seem to be reasonably clear, making this one of the greatest methods to prevent the development of new acne lesions.

Use colloidal silver-infused soap

You may add certain medicinal soaps that contain colloidal silver into your everyday skincare regimen. Once or twice each day, bathe your face and other afflicted areas with colloidal silver.

Rinse with colloidal silver

To treat the damaged regions on your body and face, use a colloidal silver rinse that has already been made.

After washing your face, you may just spritz some rinse on your face and any afflicted areas.

Get a cream, gel, or ointment using colloidal silver.

You may also produce your own facial gel to apply to your face by combining pure colloidal silver and pure aloe vera pulp. Only apply a very light, thin layer of gel to the afflicted regions.

Additionally, you may buy colloidal silver that has already been blended into a gel, lotion, or ointment. Use these at night and keep them on all day.

Colloidal Silver vs. Ionic Silver

While the particular antibacterial mechanism is still a matter of debate. According to certain studies, the nanoparticles that decimate bacteria are silver ions. He continues by explaining that colloidal silver is far more powerful and lasts longer than its ionic cousin because it is less reactive. Many items on the market make the claim to include colloidal silver, but in reality they just contain silver with extremely big particle sizes and high ionic contents. In other words, they are falsely advertised, so you should have faith in the company selling them.

How to Choose Colloidal Silver for Acne?

Your choice of colloidal silver product may have an influence on how and how well it treats your acne. Naturally, you want to choose a product that is really pure!

Simply by reviewing the ingredients, you may determine if a product includes fillers, additives, fake components, or preservatives. Avoid items that include additional protein, gelatin, or ionic silver; instead, choose products that have plain silver flakes suspended in de-mineralized water.

Additionally, keep an eye out for a lot of very fine silver particles. A particle size of 0.005 or less is regarded to be easier for your body to absorb and utilise.

When in doubt, always seek advice from your doctor or a holistic healthcare professional on the ideal colloidal silver preparation and dosage regimen.

Best Collodial Silver Products for Acne


Try using this combination of colloidal silver, oxygen-infused hydrogen water, and purified water infused with amethyst crystal’s bio-energetic imprint on your T-zone or other congested areas if you have blackheads or blocked pores. After 30 seconds, the oil clogged in the pores is liquefied by antiseptic oxygen and antibacterial colloidal silver, releasing muck and blackheads.

2. Mario Badescu Silver Powder

This powder contains silver, which has acne-fighting capabilities, and it deeply enters the pores to remove impurities and control oil production. As a result, acne is significantly reduced. This powder formulation is intended for use on oily skin as well as skin that is prone to acne.


The wrinkle-smoothing and acne-fighting lotion is made up of 99.5 percent natural ingredients and has a proprietary silver hydrosol and DNA HP combination. It firms and tightens the skin while hydrating, promoting circulation, cleansing, and improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


This nighttime lotion is excellent for hormonal acne and skin that is prone to congestion if you have outbreaks and hyperpigmentation. The award-winning brightening mix also includes dioic acid, medical-grade manuka honey, antioxidants, and organic rose-hip oil to encourage cell turnover.

5. Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Soap

The use of this cleanser bar made entirely of natural ingredients proves that obtaining healthy skin does not need a lot of effort or money. Colloidal silver is used in its composition to cleanse the skin and control excess oil, while olive oil and coconut oil work to preserve the skin’s natural moisture balance.

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